• Yunu for
    Pharma & CROs

    Imagine imaging becoming your advantage
  • Yunu for
    Pharma & CROs

    Imagine imaging becoming your advantage

Simplify & scale your clinical research program

Yunu’s cloud-based, SaaS solution provides consistent and capable tools for effective stakeholder collaboration and imaging measurement capture. Simplify and scale your clinical research program with one imaging workflow platform across all sites, stakeholders, and trials. 

Simple Administration

Easy to use trial set-up, scheduling, billing, & reporting

Pristine Imaging Workflow

Replace calculators, paper forms, & spreadsheets

Standardization & Harmonization

Deliver consistent protocol implementation across sites

Rapid Turn-Around Times

Ensure patient visit readiness & adherence to trial timelines


Eliminate audit preparation & increase pass-rate

Proactive Communication

Prevent unnecessary delays & ensure transparency

Optimize Imaging Assessments

Fast access to board certified radiologists & luminaries​

Scalable Staffing

Augment trial teams with on-demand study staff

Unite study staff. Unify multi-site trials.

Profound value for pharma

Yunu is ideal for connecting internal data science and computer vision initiatives to real-time imaging data acquired during in-flight clinical trials. The platform is powerfully capable of facilitating multi-site imaging assessments for early-phase clinical trials. Regarding late-stage trials, sponsors can codify the Yunu platform into the imaging trial protocols to ensure both visibility and accuracy.

​More Access

Yunu extends and diversifies imaging clinical trials by reaching the 80% of patients who have limited access.


On imaging assessments for early phase trials with 100% prospective data capture saving future 3rd party RWE expenditures.

​Trial Acceleration

Yunu customers indicate our solution accelerates trials by more than 10%, bringing new therapies to market faster and fueling beneficial innovation.

​Audit Ready

Yunu retains traceability & provides real-time visibility to all imaging-related trial data and activity.

Launch Yunu Wherever You Work!

Yunu synchronizes and accelerates the work between cancer centers and imaging teams by organizing workflow, eliminating mundane tasks, drastically reducing opportunities for error, and providing outside resources to jump in and help when needed.