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    Ensuring breakthrough therapies 
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Delivering a New Standard 
of Oncology Trial Management

With thousands of imaging clinical trials relying on the platform each day, 

Yunu is serving life science companies and cancer centers to ignite collaboration and accelerate innovation.

Faster Results

Eliminate delays, accelerate results, and achieve a faster time-to-market for trials sponsors.

Better Care

Optimize trial outcomes for principal investigators, study staff, and patients.

Greater Accuracy

Ensure precision measurements and tracking for radiologists, oncologists, and trial coordinators.

Simpler Workflow

Easier tools, task management, and audit readiness for 
clinical sites.

You knew there must be a better way. Now there is. 

Uniting Medical Imaging Insights

Connecting Clinical Communities

Access a network of on-demand trial resources, specialists, and services while transforming patient recruitment and diversity by extending trials to a wider range of locations.

Unifying Multi-Site Trials

Ensure timely imaging assessments are completed prior to patient consults by unifying clinical trial imaging processes, response criteria, and assessment work.

Why We Focus On Trial Imaging

A Majority of 
​Trials Use Imaging

Imaging is required in 90% of cancer clinical trials where patients have solid tumors and undergo serial scanning.

Most Patient Populations 
Lack Trial Access

Patients lack access & trials lack diversity. Only 3% of patients are enrolled in trials at locations where 80% of the U.S. gets care.

Measurement Error
Rates Are High

A 30% error rate is common in site imaging assessments and results from inconsistent and incorrect processes.

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All Trials at a Site & All Sites in a Trial

Streamlining Trial Workflow

Coordinating Care
Connecting all sites in a trial and giving visibility to all trials at a site allows workflow to be uniform and simultaneous – accelerating trials and producing more consistent data.

Eliminating Variance

Supporting all 30+ major response criteria and over 300 trial specific variants to ensure consistent measurements and achieve standardized results.

Transforming Patient Recruitment
Expanding a trial with simple onboarding for additional sites gives better access to patients and more complete and diverse patient cohorts for clinical trials.

Delivering On-Demand Trial Resources
Leveraging a network of sponsors, investigators, specialists and research sites allows work to be transformed and stress-free.

Ensuring Accuracy & Consistency

Unified Access
Consolidate systems to a single, unified trial management and patient response solution that provides access to all data for all patients across all sites in a trial. 

Organized Results You Can Trust

Review real-time results and trial performance data via a variety of access controls and permission settings.

Traceable Audit-Ready Reporting
Minimize audit time and increase intelligent oversight and engagement by accessing a full spectrum of real-time reports available on the platform. 

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