• About Us

    Deeply Expert. Deeply Committed.

At Yunu (you-knew), we believe medical imaging holds the answers to many of the clinical questions faced today. Unfortunately, clinical trial imaging data is lost, mismanaged, and significantly underutilized.

Many of our clients have said they knew the problem well, they just didn't know how to solve it. Our goal is to transform clinical trials by creating communities of imaging-informed researchers for the rapid creation of new precision therapies. 

Our Values

We are explorers and pioneers at heart - not satisfied with settling for the status quo.
We crave courageous missions that change the world, improve lives, and solve the unsolvable.


We appreciate individuality & respect unique perspectives. 


We take time to ask questions 
​and understand deeply.


We pursue worthy goals, even and especially when it is hard.


We love what we do and dive 
in hard every day.​


We work collaboratively 
​to achieve goals rapidly.


We act with integrity, honesty,
and transparency.​


Our Leadership

YUNU is led by a team of medical imaging, AI, research, and technology experts with a combined 90 years of imaging innovation experience.

Jeffrey Sorenson

Chief Executive Officer

Gael Kuhn

Chief Technology Officer

Gordon Harris, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Lindsay Fleming

Chief Marketing Officer



Annick Van den Abbeele, MD
Brad Erickson, MD
Eliot Siegel, MD
Khan Siddiqui, MD
Mitchel Benovoy

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