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Pristine data & unparalleled collaboration

Yunu’s cloud-based SaaS solution provides consistent and capable tools for effective collaboration and imaging measurement capture. Uniquely able to span all sites and stakeholders in a trial, Yunu streamlines imaging data collection, assessments, and access.

Deliver Best-in-Class iCRO Services

While providing real-time data to your collaborating CROs and Sponsors.

Simplify & Scale

Clinical trial imaging workflows with one platform across all sites, stakeholders, and trials. 

Profound Value for iCROs

​More Access

Yunu extends and diversifies imaging clinical trials by reaching the 80% of patients who have limited access.

​Trial Acceleration

Yunu customers indicate our solution accelerates imaging trials by more than 10%, bringing new therapies to market faster and fueling beneficial innovation.

​Audit Ready

Yunu retains traceability & provides real-time visibility to all imaging-related trial data and activity.

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Simplify & Scale
your imaging workflows

Imaging CROs often work across disparate imaging systems that cannot accommodate trial-specific demands, requiring them to work with each site over email while repeatedly attempting to collect data, correct errors, and resolve discrepancies.

With Yunu, imaging CROs can eliminate manual data uploading and connect their expert readers directly to the imaging data streams and workflows at the sites they manage.

iCRO Capabilities with Yunu

Patient-centric automated site workflow from scan order to patient consult.

  • Collect and hold
  • Remote reader access
  • Physician training
  • QC/helpdesk features
  • Real-time notifications
  • Radiologist reading tools
  • Real-time protocol checks
  • AI-powered lesion tracking
  • Simple adjudication workflow
  • Imaging status tracking
  • Imaging protocol setup

Launch Yunu Wherever You Work!

Yunu synchronizes and accelerates the work between trial stakeholders, allowing your best outside study staff and reading resources to jump in and help when needed.

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