• Yunu for
    Cancer Centers

    You’ve always known trial imaging workflows were broken,
    let us show you a new way forward.

Host to over 4,200 active trials connected to 8000+ trial sites 

Trial imaging workflow that actually works

Yunu delivers a mature and scalable cloud-based platform for managing imaging reviews in oncology trials that the nation’s leading cancer centers already trust. We are building a network of experts to further accelerate and expand the reach of breakthrough therapies to patients everywhere.

Quick & Easy Task Management

Experience patient-centric automated site workflow from scan order to patient consult.

Complete Operations & Audit Readiness

Training, back-office, and reporting tools that deliver well-run imaging clinical trials and one-click audits.

Connected Imaging Assessments

Elevate assessments by improving collaboration and eliminating broken processes.

Step-by-step Guidance

An expert team configures your platform for site activation & supports your organization every day.

Connected       imaging

Yunu is designed to meet the needs of stakeholders across the full spectrum of clinical trial imaging workflow.
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Up-to-date patient status ensures physicians are prepared prior to each patient consult.


Precisely the tools you need with built-in accuracy checks and no distractions.

Study Staff

Transparent workflow with cross-departmental collaboration & tracking.


Confident trial participation with on-time results for every consult.

A complete trial imaging workflow platform

Elevate imaging assessment workflows & eliminate broken processes.

Unite study staff. Unify multi-site trials.

How can Yunu transform your workflow?

Join the discussion with Yunu's Co-Founder & CEO, Jeff Sorenson, to learn how Yunu serves research programs and their radiology colleagues.

What does Yunu do for Cancer Centers?

What does Yunu do for Radiologists?

Complete Physician Training,
Administrative, & Compliance Tools

Yunu brings the needed tools to create well-run imaging clinical trials with strong back-office workflow.

​Learning ​Management

Built-in LMS for certification of response criteria knowledge.

Budget ​Tools

Cost planning, payment tools, and stakeholder fee scheduling.

Staff ​Scheduling

Staff assignment, workload balancing, and on-demand resources.

Audit ​Reports

Pristine, prospectively captured data eliminates post-trial audit re-work.

Expand your Yunuverse

The Yunuverse brings a wealth of connectivity to sponsors, patients, and sites to eliminate challenges with trial staffing and patient access.

Short on image analysts or radiologists to accommodate research needs? 

Invite on-demand radiologists and technologists from our reading group partners directly into your workflow. 

Would your organization benefit from collaboration with premier research sites?

Allow your patients to participate in the latest trials from any location.   

Do your trials lack diversity or regional representation?

Extend access to trials across a broader patient catchment area and eliminate barriers to new therapies.

Interested in scaling your research program to achieve more innovation? 

Collaborate across sites, stakeholders, and sponsors to achieve new milestones while leveraging industry best practices.

Guidance at every step

White-Glove Implementation

An expert team with deep imaging trial expertise configures your platform for site activation with all existing trial protocols and baseline patient data.

Advanced Protocol Support

Leverage Yunu protocol experts to interpret and implement new trial protocols and imaging charters. 

Subscription Software Services

No up-front software fees with a 100% cloud-based platform-as-a-service. No trial is too large or too small.

Secure Scalability
Leveraging the latest security and hosting methods to ensure you never outgrow the platform.

Become immersed in a global community of connected experts.