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Conquer imaging
challenges with Yunu

Clinical trials have many potential challenges, from staffing shortages and protocol variance to inconsistent site processes. While some problems are unavoidable, many can be solved with a new approach to managing imaging workflows in clinical trials.

Complete Control

Patient data stays organized by site and trial, ensuring easy control of your imaging data.

Cloud Review

Cloud-based quality control allows remote,
site-specific querying by anyone, anywhere.

Lower Costs

Simplify trial budgeting with an affordable pay-per-use fee structure, no upfront software fees, and no costly change orders.

Intelligent Collection

Each site gets one web uploader for data de-identification and cloud-based trial matching.

Unlock imaging data. Unify multi-site trials.

Meet Yunu

Yunu’s aim is to ensure breakthrough therapies are accessible to everyone by unifying medical imaging insights and connecting clinical communities. With thousands of clinical trials relying on the platform daily, Yunu is delivering a new standard of clinical trial imaging workflow.

Who we help

Yunu synchronizes and accelerates the work between clinical sites, CROs, and sponsor data teams by driving the end-to-end imaging collection workflow, eliminating mundane tasks, drastically reducing opportunities for error, and keeping everyone connected.

Complete your offering

Leverage Yunu to complete your solution & solve the challenges created by broken imaging workflow.

Extend Trial Reach

Yunu extends and diversifies imaging clinical trials to the 80% of sites who have historically had limited access.

Simplify Image Collection

Yunu is a cloud-based SaaS solution that can be configured for each trial in just minutes.

Ensure Audit Readiness

Yunu maintains complete traceability & real-time visibility of all data and activity.

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Accurate & accessible data

Yunu provides consistent workflow for imaging measurement capture and real-time stakeholder collaboration enterprise-wide.

Anonimize & Upload

A robust web uploader allows trial sites and study staff to drag and drop anonymized files, including large sizes easily.

Notify & View

Real-time notification emails can be customized for each trial and provide a link to the uploaded study.

Hold & Export

With audit-ready reports and simple one-click exports, secure industry-compliant storage is provided for all data.


Of oncology clinical trials require imaging


Patients lack access & most trials lack diversity

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