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    Breaking barriers on the path to clinical trial imaging access

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At Yunu, we recognize the challenges community oncology practices face when managing and expanding access to clinical trials. Our cloud-based SaaS solution provides consistent and capable tools for effective stakeholder collaboration and imaging measurement capture. We aim to help bring you closer to breakthrough therapies that can drive meaningful progress in oncology.

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Interested in scaling your program to expand research capabilities and innovation?

Form strategic collaborations with academic institutions, iCROs, and trial sponsors, leverage pristinely captured prospective imaging data, and access a broader range of clinical trials.

Would your organization benefit from trial collaboration with premier research sites?

Allow your patients to participate in the latest trials at the most advanced sites - while being imaged at any location.

Drive improved care through technology

Extend Access

Unlock opportunities for expansion by offering trial access to a more diverse patient population and attracting more practices seeking to enhance their research capabilities.

Retain Patients

Ensure a personalized, timely, and seamless trial journey for each patient through improved communication among oncologists, radiologists, and trial staff.

Gain Efficiency

Access cutting-edge technology that ensures seamless workflow and data security while offering robust reporting, streamlined billing, and resource allocation tools.

Host to over 4,200 active trials connected to 8000+ trial sites 

Empower premier clinical trials
within your community 

Patient Enrollment
& Eligibility

Identify suitable trials and ensure eligible individuals have the opportunity to enroll and benefit from the latest advancements.

Trial diversity

& regional representation

Expand the reach of clinical trials to a broader range of patients and remove technical and geographic obstacles to accessing new therapies.

Complete operations

& audit readiness

Access comprehensive training, efficient back-office support, and streamlined reporting tools that ensure successful management and a one-click auditing process.



Experience a patient-centric automated site workflow, from scan order to patient consultation, with an easy-to-use trial set-up.

Rapid turn around times

to retain patients locally

Promote improved patient experiences within their local sites by ensuring patient visit preparedness and adherence to trial timelines.

Protocol standardization & on-demand resources

Achieve consistent and harmonized protocol implementation across sites and benefit from rapid access to board-certified radiologists and luminaries.

Managing 2500+ industry-sponsored trials with data
from over 400 industry sponsors

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We look forward to showing you our complete imaging workflow platform that helps synchronize and accelerate the work between cancer centers,
sponsors, and imaging teams.

What can I expect?
  • A brief discussion of your current workflow, needs, and goals. 
  • A live demo to review features and functionality with our clinical experts.
  • Q&A on how the Yunu system can meet the needs of your organization.

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