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    Connecting cross-site study teams, sponsors, core labs, CROs, and off-site clinical resources

Expand Your Yunuverse

The Yunuverse brings a wealth of connectivity to sponsors, patients, and sites to eliminate challenges with trial staffing and patient access. 

Do you need additional radiology expertise to meet research needs?

Invite on-demand radiologists and technologists from Yunu partner reading groups directly into your workflow.

Do your trials lack diversity or regional representation?

Extend access to trials across a broader patient catchment area and eliminate barriers to new therapies. 

Would your organization benefit from trial collaboration with premier research sites?

Allow your patients to participate in the latest trials at the most advanced sites - from any location.

Interested in scaling your research program to bring more innovation to your organization?

Collaborate across trial sites and stakeholders to achieve new milestones while leveraging industry best practices.

Discover Yunu for Cancer Centers

Simplify & Scale Your Clinical Research Program

Through the power of multi-organization workflows and true cloud-based collaboration, the Yunuverse makes it possible to connect study teams, sponsors, core labs, CROs, and off-site clinical resources so that scaling your clinical trials operation does not distract from busy clinical routines at research sites. Burnout is real - and the Yunuverse is here to help.

Scalable Staffing

Augment teams with on-demand radiology staff

Pristine Workflow

Replace calculators, paper forms, & spreadsheets

Standardization & Harmonization

Deliver consistent protocol implementation across trial sites

Rapid Turn-Around Times

Ensure patient visit readiness & adherence to trial timelines


Eliminate audit preparation & increase pass-rate

Proactive Communication

Prevent unnecessary delays & ensure transparency

Optimize Imaging Assessments

Fast access to board certified radiologists & luminaries​

Simple Administration

Easy to use trial set-up, scheduling, billing, & reporting

Discover Yunu for Sponsors

Connect Clinical Communities. Unify multi-site trials.

Conquering industry challenges

The potential challenges in clinical trials are many, from staffing shortages and protocol variance to measurement errors. While some problems are unavoidable, many can be solved with a new approach to managing imaging workflows in clinical trials.

A Majority of 
​Trials Use Imaging

Imaging is required in 90% of cancer clinical trials where patients have solid tumors and undergo serial scanning.

Most Patient Populations 
Lack Trial Access

Patients lack access & trials lack diversity. Only 3% of patients are enrolled in trials at locations where 80% of the U.S. gets care.

Measurement Error
Rates Are High

A 30% error rate is common in site imaging assessments and results from inconsistent and incorrect processes.

With the Yunuverse, there is a better way

Do It Right

A clinical trials imaging platform that includes complete workflow, measurement tools, and data management.

Learn Faster

A prospective pharma-grade imaging RWE capture system, not another retrospective data curation or model training platform.

Codify Imaging Excellence

A vibrant collaboration hub that promotes proactive staffing, improved quality, immediate cost-savings, and consistency.

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Who do we help?

Yunu synchronizes and accelerates the work between cancer centers, sponsors, CROs, and imaging teams by organizing workflow, eliminating mundane tasks, drastically reducing opportunities for error, and providing outside resources to jump in and help whenever needed. 

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