Yunu Emerges as Industry Leader to Address the Way Imaging Data Impacts Breakthrough Therapy Development
Fast-growing innovator brings first-of-its-kind imaging ecosystem to clinical trials.
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Webinar Recap: Understanding the Economics of Site-Centric Imaging Assessments.
With every industry event and client engagement we join, common threads emerge in conversation: the desire to scale research programs in size and speed, imaging workflow struggles, and data accuracy and management. We love these discussions because they perfectly align with our unique mission and ex...
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Yunu Integration to Florence Improves Imaging Accuracy and Workflow Efficiency
Yunu integration to Florence improves imaging accuracy & workflow efficiency
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The Seven Solvable​ Challenges of Clinical Trials
Innovation is soaring in new cancer therapies, with clinical trials increasing significantly over the past ten years1. From staffing shortages and protocol variance to measurement errors, the potential challenges are many. While some problems are unavoidable, many could be solved...
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Increasing Access to Clinical Trials is a Key Step in Solving Diversity & Inclusion Challenges

Clinical trials are an essential part of developing and validating new oncology therapies. They can bring incredible opportunities for survival to patients who are not responding to traditional treatment. Unfortunately, most trials today are limited to a few select hospitals. They’re rarely found at...

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